D.I.Y Lip Stain

This DIY is beautiful and super yummy. It is amazingly easy to do and it looks great. Making your own lip stain sounds tedious and expensive! But guess what.. You only need 1 product! The only thing you need to buy for this DIY is… Kool-Aid! Yup, that powder that you would put in your water as a kid to make it taste like fruit punch. I warn you: you’re going to be licking your lips all night!

Here is a chart of how each Kool-Aid flavor colors your lips:

-Cherry = orange red

-Tropical Punch = bright red

-Peach Mango = peach

-Pink Lemonade = Barbie pink

-Strawberry Kiwi = light red

-Grape = purple

You can put the powder in a little bowl, or you can just use the actual package it comes in.

  1. Put a little bit of water on your finger and dip it in the powder.
  2. Rub your finger all over your lips.
  3. Wet a Q-Tip and go over your lips to take out any clumps that might have formed.
  4. OPTIONAL: Apply some lips gloss over the stained lips for a different look.

Done! Super easy, super delicious, super gorgeous!!!


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