How To: The Sock Bun

I hate those mornings when I wake up and look in the mirror to see a frizzy mess on top of my head! Bad hair days are the worst! Usually, I would just put my hair up in an ugly ponytail or messy bun, but today I’m going to show you how to create a fabulous, easy, and oh-so beautiful bun using… wait for it… A SOCK! Yes, this look is so elegant and it only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Cristina Milan, and Lauren Conrad have all been spotted rocking this new look.

Things You’ll Need:

– 1 tube sock

– 1 ponytail holder

-1 rubber band

– A pair of scissors

– A couple of bobby pins


How To:

  1. Cut off the toe area of your tube sock.
  2. Roll the toe-less sock into a doughnut a set aside.
  3. Pull all your hair back and secure it with an elastic at the crown. This step is very important because you need to make sure your hair is tightly secured for your sock. Also, make sure your hair is flat with no bumps. This is probably the longest step because your goal is to make sure your hair is smooth and secure.
  4. Place the sock doughnut at the very end of the ponytail and pull strands through the hole in the center until you reach the crown of your head.
  5. Tilt your head forward and drape your loose  ponytail over the doughnut. You should cover the whole doughnut with your hair and be able to feel a hole in the middle.
  6. Take your rubber band and snap it over the hair. At this point you should have a doughnut with hair sticking out of all sides.
  7. This step is all up to you: You can either use the remaining hair and secure it around the base of the bun with bobby pins, or you can make it a little bit more romantic by braiding the remaining hair and wrap that around your bun. I personally love braiding the hair, it adds a bohemian vibe.
  8. The final step is applying hairspray to keep your beautiful bun in place!

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